Tame and Protect your hair with our Ostia Smoothing Lotion

Tame and Protect your hair with our Ostia Smoothing Lotion

Want to speed up your blow-dry process?

Try one of our latest products from the Ostia Collection!

Our unique smoothing hair lotion is the perfect product for anyone looking for a light and refreshing formula packed with essential nutrients. Infused with Vitamin E and castor oil, it offers exceptional benefits and will help protect your hair from thermal styling. Our smoothing lotion is the perfect solution for anyone with medium to coarse hair. This formula not only smoothes and softens your hair but also helps speed up your blow-dry routine, getting you ready faster than ever before. So, whether you’re trying to tame frizz or add shine, our smoothing lotion has you covered. Give it a go and thank us later! 

When is the best time to use our smoothing lotion?

It’s best used on towel dried or damp hair. It can be cocktailed with other products like our smoothing serum for extra protection and hydration.

Can someone with medium to fine hair use it?

Yes, simply add a small dosage to the palm of your hand and add it to the mid-end shaft part of your hair.

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