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Tony Odisho is committed to fulfilling your hair dreams with a diverse range of lengths, from 16” to 24”. Our silicone-free hair ensures a natural look and feel, seamlessly blending with your hair for comfortable day-to-night wear. With clean installation, you can concentrate on creating stunning looks. Explore our subtle, rich dimensional colors designed to offer you endless possibilities and ultimate customization. Now, let's introduce hair extensions that bring dreams to life!
  • Original Fusion Extensions

    $120.00 to $150.00

  • Fantasy Fusion Extensions


  • Single Weft Hair Extensions

    $270.00 to $330.00

  • Double Weft Hair Extensions

    $270.00 to $520.00

  • Satin Tape Extensions


  • Original Tape Extensions

    $140.00 to $156.00

  • Original Velo Hair Extensions

    $375.00 to $395.00

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