How to properly care for your Tony Odisho Hair Extensions

How to properly care for your Tony Odisho Hair Extensions

Tony Odisho guarantees the health and longevity of hair extensions as long as the client follows the advised maintenance care and uses the Tony Odisho Ostia Collection haircare products safely formulated for hair extensions.

In today's blog we will be sharing with you all the things you should do to take care of your hair extensions for guaranteed quality and durability.

Tony Odisho believes getting the conversation started with your stylist is the first step.

Set up a consultation with your professional licensed stylist to discuss the following: What method and length is right for you? What the pricing for your service will be and what is included? What is the process before and during the application? What is recommended for home care after the application? All of these questions are important to ask to have a successful application.

It is very important to have your hair stylist clarify your hair twice on the day of application. No products should be applied prior to extensions application and the hair must be completely dry before application. *If the hair is not clarified you will not have a successful application”

In order to guarantee quality and durability for your hair extensions it is essential to use

products approved for use with our hair. Tony Odisho created the maintenance kit specifically for maintaining extensions to continually look their best. 

Tony Odisho recommends that every client should go home with the Tony Odisho maintenance pamphlet to know how to care for your extensions after they have been applied and the maintenance kit hair products. Be sure to ask your stylist what’s included in your pricing. 

Boar Bristle Paddle Brush

3-in-1 Mist

Ostia Collection Shampoo

Ostia Collection Conditioner

Wait at least 48 hours to wash your hair after application and during washes use the Ostia Collection shampoo and conditioner.

Use our Boar Bristle Paddle Brush that is made to be used with normal hair and hair extensions.  This brush is created with high-quality boar bristles that are gentle yet effective in detangling and smoothing out your hair. Some people make the mistake to only brush the ends of the extensions because they think they will ruin the extensions if they brush from the top. This brush is made to safely brush the extensions from top to bottom without damaging them. 

Using a heat protectant is crucial because it helps to minimize the negative effects of heat on your hair. Heat styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers can cause damage to your hair if not used properly. It is important when using heat styling tools to use a heat protectant such as the 3-in-1 Mist.

During the summer days avoid exposing the hair extensions to SPF, Saltwater or Chlorine. Put your hair into a tight bun or braid when swimming and always shampoo your hair after. 

In a nutshell, think of purchasing hair extensions like purchasing a Cashmere sweater that requires care and love. So you can enjoy your extensions and have a healthy, long lasting and damage free experience.

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